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Our goal has always been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client, while offering platinum services at moderated rates.

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It is not an easy task to rank in Google for certain keywords. In search results, you will find ranked pages even from other states, or suppliers without service providers, which makes it very difficult to rank as a local business for certain keywords.

Fortunately, there are technologies coming to change the game.

And luckily. While we know that Google is an important tool for our business. Our business does not depend entirely on Google search, or Google reviews since most of our services come from property managers and platforms that trust our business.

Therefore, you may dont spot many reviews since most of the services we attent are from properties on sale or for rent, so there is no owner to review our services. And we understand that most property administrators do not have time to review all the services we provide.

We work by appointment. And each appointment must be requested 48 hours in advance. When an appointment is canceled within 48 hours of a service starting, this leaves a gap in our calendar. So this means a loss to our business, and probably to the customer who might have taken this place. Therefore, a fee of $75, or 25% of the service cost for larger services, will be charged for each late cancellation within 48 hours of the start of a service.

Pressure washing and soft washing are among our most requested services. We are very well trained, and we count with the best commercial tools in the market. So yes, we are very serious in what we do. As serious as an athlete that is willing to reach a world title. And although our business was founded only several years ago, our years of experience and dedication allow us to be at the level of companies founded for more than 40 years.

The best from us is yet to come. For more details about our pressure washing services. Visit our exterior cleaning pages. Our pages are updated daily. Keep posted.

We stand behind the high quality of our work. Should you ever notice anything that seems subpar, simply let us know within 48 hours following service delivery. We will come back to check it out and fix it at no extra cost, if we find that we are at fault.

Of course. Each payment  is processed by Square and therefore, you always receive a printout of your reservation and payment by email or via text message.

Short answer. Just to make sure that we are dealing with real and quality customers only. And in some cases, just to avoid the wait and stress of collecting a payment, after a service is completed. Remember, we may have to attend multiple services throughout the day.

For a minute, put yourself into our position. Imagine that you work all day long. You are already tired to the point that you just want to get home. But now you have to wait another hour to collect a payment because customers have not agreed on who pays for the service. If it’s him, or his wife. Or simply because the client did not get ready on time before the service, and since he plans to pay in cash, now he has to go to the ATM to collect the money. Yep. Similar things tend to happen.

At first we didn’t like the idea too much. But we also had to solve a problem. After the cov-19 pandemic, we have been receiving too many fraudulent calls. Scammers requesting quotes wasting our time and energy. In most cases, after arriving at the properties, the owners report that they never requested a service. But also, the voice tone and name was different to the person that called us. In some other cases, upon arrival to the property. The same were empty and abandoned. And unfortunately, in most scenarios, there is no way to detect scams. Imagine the driving time, gasoline and toll we have spent due to it.

But there is no reason to worry. You can trust us.

We can help. We have helped many clients and you are no exception.

Our connection is secured and our certificate is valid. We do not directly store any payment information, as each transaction is processed, encrypted, and protected by Square. A trusted company with 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 2,300 reviews.

You may spot some misspellings or errors, which we are already working to correct. In the meantime, we ask our visitors and customers for patience.

Therefore, if you notice any major bugs, please let us know and you could get a 10% discount for your next service.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Platinum `s Works Corp.

Leave the hard work and cleaning trouble to us 



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We can work night shifts

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